The UK’s Prehistoric Education system !!

By 50 yr old Betty, mother of an autistic teenager (and Autistic Betty aged 13)

School stinks !! It stinks even more so if you have Autism or any other kind of health conditions.

Betty has joined a facebook page for school refusers and there’s thousands of mothers just like her, doing their best to get their children in to school on a daily basis. The struggle is real and its exhausting for both child and parent.

Thousands and thousands of stressed parents and children!!

No wonder our mental health systems aren’t working any more, there are too many stressed people in this country today. Why ? Its because the education system isn’t changing with the times, It’s still the outdated system it has always been, starting children off as they want them to go on. Welcome to the next generation who will already have had a life time of stress in their childhood.

Now 13 yr old Betty remembers there were people who didn’t go to school in the 80’s but they were called truants. Betty herself was called a delinquent. It was written down on file, that it was recommended she should be placed in a residential school for the maladjusted. That was scary for 13 year old Betty, who knew she wasn’t naughty she just couldn’t help her behaviour. And school didn’t help. School was the straw that broke the camels back for Betty aged 13, Betty didn’t know she was autistic, nobody knew she was Autistic, nobody had ever even heard of Autism in those days, never mind have any idea of what it was about. 

Luckily Betty avoided the nice girls school for the maladjusted, by the skin of her teeth, her social worker did actually take her there in the car with her bags and told her to get out. But Betty did what she always did when she was anxious and refused to budge.

So Betty went to a psychiatric school instead. Betty loved it there and it helped her get back into the education system, although it was a miserable time, it kept everybody off her back and she was left alone. Betty left school as soon as she could at 15, with very little qualifications, because you could in those days. 

Fast forward 30 years and what has changed ? 

Well we don’t use the word maladjusted now for starters, but basically not a lot has changed . Everyone now knows what Autism is (roughly) usually their idea is someone rocking backwards and forwards in a chair all day, but it’s a huge spectrum and that is only one end. There are some amazing autistic people out there who do amazing things because their brain works differently from the majority of the population, so they can think outside of the box. 

how many of our little geniuses have been beaten down by the education system ?

Unfortunately our education system does not want our children thinking outside of the box. Even though they might have Autism or ADHD or whatever disability they have, or have not.. children are all forced into conforming to same school rules and some children just simply cannot, or find it extremely difficult to do so. It’s not their fault that the anxiety is just too much for them to cope with.  

Then they blame the parents for not getting them in to school on the days that they are too stressed to even get out of bed. They’re even taken to court and fined etc because the system is flawed, The parents always pay the price.



Author: thejointatthetopofthegarden

Hi, my name is Betty Boop (names may have been changed to avoid prosecution . I’m a 50 year grandmother of 4 little beauties and I’m a bit nuts.

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