From losing the plot to gaining the plot 

Hi My name is Betty, it didn’t use to be, but it is now.

I’m 50 years old, I have Autism, Bipolar, undiagnosed multiple personality disorder. Anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, some serious mental health problems, but I am a person just like you. 

I’m a mother to 3 amazing children, and 4 beautiful babies,who I am lucky enough to have call me mommar.

One of my sons has Autism and Tourette’s syndrome, which can be really interesting and funny. Although it does have its struggles. 

I’m a single parent, currently claiming Benefits, Yes I’m one one of those job dodgers, if I wasn’t I wouldn’t be here. 

I recently had a huge mental health crisis, started smoking cannabis and wrote a book. I think my kids all finally thought I’d lost the plot completely. Even I did for a time, but instead of losing the plot, I actually gained the plot and wrote a book, I have found a sudden passion for writing, and want to get my story out to the whole world, so I’ve entered into the blogging and tweeting world. Welcome world, it sure is huge. Full of friendly and helpful people. Donald Trump and Boris Johnston might not agree on this point. 

It’s hard work but I’m loving every minute of it. I can’t wait for the day I can actually just write,

I love reading too, so I get the best of both worlds. I’m actually living my dream and it’s great. I’ve always wanted to write a book and I have, and now I’ve done it I want to keep on writing, because I have found a passion for it. I am following my dream for once in my life. There are some very friendly bloggers out there ,who I’m following, and it is helping me immensely. Thanks fellow bloggers You definitely can teach an old dog new tricks.!!!   

Author: thejointatthetopofthegarden

Hi, my name is Betty Boop (names may have been changed to avoid prosecution . I’m a 50 year grandmother of 4 little beauties and I’m a bit nuts.

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