by Autistic Betty aged 50

Betty is psychic, but she doesn’t let other people know she’s psychic because they become vampires and drain her energy. 

Betty can’t explain how she knows things she just does. 

Betty’s brain connects with her on so many levels. It’s the brain that just keeps on giving. 

Betty’s brain often keeps on giving, and very often, gives far too much, leaving Betty unable to cope.

This is why Betty started smoking cannabis, to quieten her brain. 

Now her brain is quiet she can actually make sense of the world. Betty has Autism, so this is a huge giant step for fellow Autists .

We all need a quiet brain and it’s pretty hard to come by. The anxiety that comes with Autism is life changing. Using cannabis has eased Betty’s anxiety by about 90% 

The other 10% is the normal reaction for someone smoking illegal cannabis at the top of her garden at the age of 50, in a quiet little street in Newcastle. 


Author: thejointatthetopofthegarden

Hi, my name is Betty Boop (names may have been changed to avoid prosecution . I’m a 50 year grandmother of 4 little beauties and I’m a bit nuts.

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