My reasons for using cannabis.

I have recently found out I have bipolar and have probably had it for 50 years.

It was mentioned by a GP many many years ago, he asked me if anyone had ever suggested I may be Bipolar. Now the Betty I was at the time didn’t like that idea as it was called a manic depressive in those days, and it conjured up many images in that Betty’s mind. Mostly involving straight jackets, men In white coats brandishing syringes, and zombies. 

So at that time this Betty said no thank you, that’s not what I want as a diagnosis, and then proceeded to live the next 20 years with undiagnosed Bipolar. 

The Betty I am now, who is a completely different Betty literally, as i also have undiagnosed DID. 

Disassociate identity Disorder is a newer version of multiple personality disorder. Now this also conjures up more awful connotations in my mind, especially after watching the film split recently. 

We’ve all seen the extremes of multiple personality disorder and it is extremely rare. Luckily none of my personalities are dangerous, only to me.   

I have only recently realised I have this condition and now my life makes sense, I can deal with it and manage it effectively. 

I am finding out about all of these personalities that I never knew where there, we are coming together as a unit, and we are called Betty’s Bunch.

You may be sitting thinking ‘This woman is completely off her trolley.’ 

And you would be nearly right. Only I’m not completely off it, as you may now be aware, and I am dragging myself back into the trolley as we speak. 

My recipe is working. I take my antidepressants in the morning. If you take them late at night it stops you sleeping. I found out the hard way, so trust me on this one. Then I’m supposed to take a mood stabiliser, now I have contacted the men in white coats and we are going to be discussing mood stabilisers next month. 

The reason I have been suicidal, is because I am not taking a mood stabiliser. I needed something available that I know works and have discussed this many times with my mental health providers, that cannabis works for me, and now I know why, it’s a natural mood stabiliser. Unfortunately it’s illegal in this country, I have asked my GP to prescribe me medical cannabis but was refused on the grounds that there was no medical evidence to prove that it works. 

I did tell her that I was living proof of it working as I had been suicidal 3 days ago and now I wasn’t. Unfortunately this is the law of the land and we have to abide by it. 

Well if your life was at risk and you couldn’t get the medication you needed, you would have to break the law to survive, you would do it right ? I would see my day in court if need be, as I have written documentation of everything. 

Because my doctor wouldn’t give me a prescription, I procured some cannabis and decided to do an actual drug trial into the effects of cannabis in a person with severe mental health issue

As I have a Higher National Diploma in applied psychology, I am perfectly capable of doing this, and I have been keeping a journal of any effects, or side effects that occur on a daily basis. 

Up until now, after around 8 weeks I can only feel myself getting better. 

The only side effects, if you can actually call them that, have been increased appetite, which is great if like me you have many eating disorders, it certainly gives you an appetite.

Slower reaction times .. most definitely, normally if a bee or wasp comes near me I’m up, I have an over exaggerated startle reflex which is due to severe trauma as a child. After using cannabis I can just wave them away gently. I most definitely would not drive a car or operate heavy machinery whilst using cannabis, but this is from a personal perspective. Other people might find it affects them differently. 

These are my own personal opinions and I am certainly not condoning the use of illegal drugs, but cannabis is not a drug, it is a natural medicine and needs to be seen as such. 

More trials need to be carried out. We need to get the word out. The big Pharma companies and the governments are trying desperately to stop it happening as they are going to lose out on big money. 

Why can’t they just cash in on the use of cannabis ? do trials ? if we made cannabis legal, had lots of trials done, any side effects noted, why can’t it be a normal prescribed drug along with the rest of them

Imagine if these big Pharma companies are actually sitting on a cure for most of modern day ailments, and all for greed and profit ? 


Author: thejointatthetopofthegarden

Hi, my name is Betty Boop (names may have been changed to avoid prosecution . I’m a 50 year grandmother of 4 little beauties and I’m a bit nuts.

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