Why is the government frightened to do more testing on cannabis ?

what are they scared of ?

why is it illegal ?

why when the government know the health benefits of cannabis, and the relative safety of the drug, compared to other illegal drugs and even legal drugs like tobacco and alcohol, are they still clinging on for grim death to the legality of it ?

I am just an average 50 year old grandma, well maybe not quite average, I have autism, Bipolar, and many other serious mental health issues but I live just like you, I have a teenager who is also in the spectrum, he also has Tourette’s, I live everyday the same as most people, cleaning, shopping, and fighting for my benefits constantly. I am unable to work because of my conditions but this doesn’t mean I’m work shy, I would love to be able to do what most people take for granted but unfortunately I can’t. I have eventually learned to accept this .

Now my story started with the DWP, I had a huge mental health crisis, and was very close to ending my life. I have a brother who committed suicide, so I am very aware that this couldn’t happen to me at any point. I do not want to die yet, I have a teenager, I am a single parent so my teenager needs me, my children and my grandchildren need me, my dogs need me, you get the drift. So in the middle of this crisis I turned to the only thing that I know works. Cannabis. I went from being suicidal to writing a book, blogging and genuinely finding passion in my life, something to live for. 

The only thing that had changed in my life at this time was that I had started to use cannabis. 

Now I am aware of the stories surrounding cannabis, so I decided to start looking into the health benefits, side effects etc. I then decided to do a study on myself about the effects of cannabis on people with severe mental health problems.

As I have a HND Diploma in applied psychology, gaining 16 distinctions in 16 subjects, I am more than capable of conducting this study. 

So this is me. Over the last few days cannabis has been debated about on the internet, on radio stations and I am so pleased that the word is getting out. There are certain things that have really annoyed me over the last few days and that is the anti cannabis movement who say ridiculous things. 

For instance one MD had tweeted about her reasons for not legalising cannabis. 

Her tweet went along the lines of: would you want your surgeon or your Physician to be high ?

I became quite irate and commented back that, of course not, but nor would I want them drunk, or hungover either. 

My annoyance about  is that she is demeaning her colleagues by saying they would abuse cannabis then carry out procedures that they weren’t capable of doing. Does she have so little faith in her own profession to make statements like this ?

Cannabis is a useful drug and I cannot understand why the government aren’t jumping at the chance that we may have found a miracle cure for modern day ailments ? I find this quite worrying really, what are they trying to hide?

Why are the medical profession not doing more research on cannabis use ? If you are actually doing a trial at the moment I do apologise, but I cannot find a lot of data on the web about cannabis trials in the uk. It is now legal for cannabis to be prescribed by your GP but they won’t or can’t prescribe it to you, unless there have been studies to justify it. People are missing out on a drug that could work for them because there are very few trials being carried out.

I call on the government to start trials into cannabis, people need their voices to be heard. 

Cannabis is a natural plant, that grows in the ground, it’s completely natural and has so many good uses. It may have certain side effects which could possibly affect each individual differently. But so do many other drugs on the market today, alcohol being one of them. There has never been a reported case of someone dying from a cannabis overdose. You can feel pretty crap if you take too much, but it lasts around 15 minutes, unlike the days or weeks it takes to recover from alcohol poisoning, that’s if you recover at all. 

If you have never taken cannabis before it’s very similar to being a little drunk. I personally would never drive a car or attempt to do anything I wasn’t capable of doing. It should be treated in the same way as if you have been drinking alcohol. Unlike alcohol however it doesn’t make you violent, because you are too relaxed to move. If I’d had alcohol and someone put my ex husband in my vicinity I definitely would resort to violence, even though I can’t even kill a fly normally. If I had had cannabis  and someone put my ex husband in the vicinity, I wouldn’t care. I would just swat him away. 

This is why I cannot for the life of me understand why nobody is more interested in doing medical research into cannabis. 

Cannabis has been around since time began. It’s even talked about in the bible.

The reason why Jesus made no effort to get off the cross was because he was stoned. 

The reason they all saw apparitions is because they were all stoned. Now we’re not saying that using cannabis causes people to nail others to the cross. We’re saying that the only reason he was nailed to the cross was because the people who nailed him hadn’t had enough cannabis themselves.

 There has to be some reason why the government does not want it legalised, but what ? This is where the conspiracy theorists come in. Now I’m a middle age woman from a tiny little village in Newcastle. I am not and never have been into conspiracy theories, I usually give them a wide berth. I’ve got enough crap going on in my own life to worry about things like that. But when things like that suddenly become something that matters to your life, you start to look into it more. And the more I look into it, the more I realise that they may well be right. I can honestly think of no other reason why the government aren’t cashing in on this new wonder drug, then I come to the realisation it’s because they are already cashing in on all of the other addictive opiates on the market.



Author: thejointatthetopofthegarden

Hi, my name is Betty Boop (names may have been changed to avoid prosecution . I’m a 50 year grandmother of 4 little beauties and I’m a bit nuts.

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