Book 2 ..Betty saves the world…

I definitely can NOT take credit for the picture but wow is all I can say..

Who is Edgar Cayce ?…

A new day dawns, negative Betty got up this morning, didn’t help that the dog woke us up at 4am and then after taking her out, decided to shit on the new bedroom carpet. This is the biggest shit she’s ever done. So forced awake into the smell of shit is enough to set anybody off for a bad day. 

Negative Betty carried on with the day as normal, then she went to meditate. Now as you are aware by now Betty is no normal 50 year old woman. Betty is Autistic, she has Multiple Personality Disorder, and she talks to dead people’s energy.. but she’s just a struggling single parent, on benefits. Just recently after a huge mental health crisis, Betty wrote a book. Betty hasn’t published the book yet, she’s decided to start writing book number 2 instead.

The Phoenix from the ashes …

Amazing picture…wow..

Betty is happy, she knows her book is going to be a bestseller, that’s when she eventually gets round to publishing it. 

Betty just wants to write. Maybe she will never publish, but what would be the fun in that.

Anyway if you are reading this book then Betty’s dream did come true and now she’s published two books..or if your reading my blogs, you get to read it in real time. You’ll have to wait for the book..

Go Betty you Rock !!!!

positive thinking gets you everywhere. 

Psychic Betty here.. actually should I say psychic prophet Betty here. 

Somebody has just told me to google psychic prophet. So I did, and the name Edgar cayce came up. Now I’m assuming it was this guy Edgar, who once I heard his name I suddenly became aware it was raining. 

Thinking I was going to have to run back into the house I looked up into the sky as it had been brilliant sunshine 2 minutes ago. I look up into the sky and there it is, a completey blue sky, no clouds at all.. so where did the rain come from ? Edgar cayce getting my attention no doubt. 

Wonder what he has in store for me today. We’ve had elvis, Margaret thatcher, Picasso, someone yesterday called Salvador Dali, wanted to paint a picture with me, and because I thought it wasn’t very good, left me feeling very negative all day, let me tell you. He must have been a very negative man in life, because his energy is not good. 

Luckily Edgar’s seems quite nice, so we shall go and see what he wants. 

Psychic Betty is back from her travels away with the fairies. And think she knows what he wants us to tell everybody. 

We hope it isn’t true, but an American cruise liner is about to get into severe difficulties soon, many lives will be lost. There must be a way of preventing this happening, maybe just by me telling my story, it can be stopped. 

A day in the life of Betty … 


Author: thejointatthetopofthegarden

Hi, my name is Betty Boop (names may have been changed to avoid prosecution . I’m a 50 year grandmother of 4 little beauties and I’m a bit nuts.

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