Mount Betty finally erupts !!! Bank holiday spectacular….

Fiery scenes broke out today, At Betty’s joint at the top of the garden. 

The Angry Farmer


Bank holiday Monday in the uk is hit or miss with the weather. However today was a big hit. A totally perfect day for Betty in the joint at the top of the garden.

The sun was shining, her family were all there, her 3 children and her 4 beautiful grandchildren. Her mother even turned up. The children were on the swings and the slide, then the trampoline. Betty got the hosepipe out as it was so hot and the children were melting. They watched the gliders going around, and chased the butterfly’s and at one point a beautiful red kite bird swooped down and soared above their heads. They put fairy liquid on the water slide and everybody went super fast and had great fun. Betty sat in her joint at the top of the garden, looking down on all of the happiness and pleasure and thought, my life is perfect, what more could I ask for, the kids are all playing nicely, we are all enjoying our ice creams, life doesn’t get any better than this. 

Suddenly the deafening sound of a tractor pulls up in the farmers field that backs onto the garden. 

Betty knew who it would be, so sighed and got out of her chair. Who’s that grandma? Says Evie, oh it’s just the angry farmer replies Betty, he’s just coming to ruin grandmas day pet. 

The farmer gets out of his tractor, and approaches Betty. Betty thinks here we go again …Yes ? She enquires ‘can I help you’ ? 

‘When are you going to move all of this stuff and put the fence back up that you pulled down ?’ Shouts the angry farmer. Well like I’ve told you a million times, I did not remove a fence, there was never any fence here, and as this is rented accommodation so you have to take it up with the local authority. 

The local authority are aware of the situation and have said to deal directly with them. Betty thinks the angry farmer must be deaf or senile, as he continues to rain down obscenities and threats from the cab of his tractor. She can see the children becoming distressed, and thinks no ! I am not having this nasty old rude man, shouting and swearing about a fence that has nothing to do with her. So she told him to leave, after about the 10th time of asking Betty lost her temper and told the angry farmer to do one. Betty can only stand so long in the company of negative people, and as this man was going nowhere and threatening the happiness of herself, her children and her grandchildren she finally exploded. 

The fireworks were fantastic, the children all went quiet, the birds even stopped singing to watch. The angry farmer had never seen an angry Betty before, and after a few loud bangs and a final hurrah of get back in your tractor and get out of here NOW .. the troll like angry farmer climbed back into his cab with his tail tucked between his legs and rode off on his chariot, but not before Betty finally waved him off with a middle finger salute. 

Betty hates getting angry, it’s a very unhealthy state to be in. Unfortunately there is no reasoning with stupidity, and sometimes you have to stand up for what you believe in. Super hero grandma Betty to the rescue. 

Don’t let people take advantage of your kind nature. rip them a new arsehole instead, and maybe they will leave you alone. unfortunately if these people won’t leave you alone, if they keep on poking you with that proverbial stick, take It off them and hit them with it for a change.

it’s ok to get angry, its a normal human reaction. but unprovoked anger is different, then it is called bullying.

Be kind always.. especially to yourself . Love Betty 


Author: thejointatthetopofthegarden

Hi, my name is Betty Boop (names may have been changed to avoid prosecution . I’m a 50 year grandmother of 4 little beauties and I’m a bit nuts.

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