GOD IS A WOMAN…BETTY’S BIBLE, New Testament 28 for Atheists…

Betty’s bible, New Testament 28 for Atheists..

I couldn’t find a picture of Betty in her own hands, so this had to do…

Betty thinks she now has the title for her book, even though she’s not sure about everybody else’s god, she believes in her own god,’ God Betty.’

Betty worships herself, instead of worshipping false gods, she worships what she knows to be the truth, what is in her heart, she believes in her own instincts and judgments, and trusts in her own feelings.

If you follow yourself, then the truth shall be known. 

Betty is following her own spiritual path.

Not everybody’s spiritual path is the same, but we are all on one, whether we believe it to be the case or not.

Betty’s path is fun, God Betty lets her smoke cannabis.. she lets her have fun.

cannabis, a natural medicine…

She doesn’t judge her when she fails, and picks her up when she falls, God Betty, loves Betty very much

Betty can do not wrong in God Betty’s eyes. 

As long as Betty keeps on her own spiritual path, what is meant to be will be. 

Betty doesn’t pray, but she does meditate, Betty does ask for help from other energies, but none of these are God. 

God Betty is in us all, you just have to find her.

you have all the answers, you just need to find them..

Love Betty x 


Author: thejointatthetopofthegarden

Hi, my name is Betty Boop (names may have been changed to avoid prosecution . I’m a 50 year grandmother of 4 little beauties and I’m a bit nuts.

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