Why Betty Boop Thinks Getting your Blog noticed’s, and follow accounts are Phoney….

Betty, that’s me, it isn’t really Boop obviously, but for the sake of my mental wellbeing, I wish to remain incognito for now.

I do however have a face, and this is it.

3 months ago I suffered a severe mental health crisis, and had a near death experience, and my life changed forever.

Instead of taking my own life, cannabis allowed me to see past my failures and helped me to start looking for success. I needed to succeed in life.

At the ripe old age of 50, I decided that I was going to write a best selling book, I wrote the book, and still had more to say, so I then decided to start blogging, this was where I could get all of my thoughts and feelings out on a social platform, and one day my story could maybe become somebody else’s survival guide.

3 months ago i owned a mobile phone, a cheap iPhone 5SE and that was only used to play games on. This was the extent of my tech knowledge. I knew nothing at all about the internet. Only that you could find anything you wanted on there.

To cut a long story short, as I do like to go on a bit, I obtained a computer and I taught myself how to create a website, how to open a Triberr account, and how to use it… a Twitter account, Instagram, Pinterest, Quora & Tumblr.

I still cant quite get my head around linkedIn yet, but given time I will.

I am very active on most of these accounts, and I share religiously .

I actually get more enjoyment from sharing other people’s work than I do from sharing my own.

My blogging mission is to raise awareness for mental health disorders, Autism, the benefits of Cannabis, and a variety of world wide subjects that aren’t highlighted enough in society today.

The world as we know it will soon be gone, a new world will take its place and we need to start preparing for it now. The world is full of anger and hate. It is full of poverty, greed, despair, homelessness, and most of it man made.

Our new generation need to learn how to love again and to be kind to each other.

Being kind seems to be a forgotten skill in many people today.

So I decided to be as kind as humanly possible, and to start sharing everybody’s work. It doesn’t matter whether this work is applicable to me or not, but it may be helpful to others. The things I share may be of no value to myself, but somebody has taken the time to write these blogs or books or pictures, or whatever else I share, and I want to give them a helping hand to share their message that they have worked hard on.

It isn’t hard, all it is is one click.

One click that could change someone else’s life.

I have 18 followers on my blog, which is pretty cool, 18 people who want to read my blog, which to me is pretty amazing.

I have been putting in a lot of work into finding out how to get more people interested in my blog. I have been commenting on other peoples work, sharing it, and being kind.

I have been ignored mainly. I understand that people are busy, but so am I, and I still manage to reply to messages, comments and I always thank people for sharing my work.

I’m not selling anything only sharing stories which may one day save a persons life, or even just make them smile for a moment. 

Healing the world one soul at a time. I tend to become quite impatient, and want to spread the word faster and quicker, so my thoughts go to how to attract more people to my blog. 

There is so much wonderful and helpful information out there for new bloggers. I have been listening to advice, buying ebooks, and learning the ropes from the pro’s. I have so much more to learn. In the meantime in my hurry to attract new followers I decided to try jumping on the blog train and the follow train. 

So I follow all instructions, all I had to do was like and follow everybody else on the train, and they would follow me back, then all I had to do was retweet the post to gain even more. It sounded so simple, and that is because it is. This persons twitter account promised to triple your following overnight. 

Great I thought, a way for me to help even more people.

I liked every one of the hundreds of fellow tweeters, bloggers, and writers, who also liked it.

I came across some very interesting characters whom I now class as my new twitter friends, so I am happy with that. 

So I sit waiting patiently for my new twitter friends to follow me back like they said they would, and 4 people followed me back, thank you to those 4 people who stuck to the bargain as I did. 

Beginning to feel like the invisible man, I jumped on the blog train, shared my blog, followed other bloggers … etc etc… nothing … zilch..nada….

One lady, who’s name I shall not mention, recently shared a post on how you should always thank others for sharing your posts, it is only common decency to do so, and I totally agree with her. Only this woman is a hypocrite. I have shared numerous things of hers, commented on her posts and she has never once acknowledged me.

Practice what you preach…

Actions speak louder than words..

The only way to actually get your Blog noticed is to do it yourself, don’t rely on these phoney people or accounts to do the work for you.

Perseverance is key…

Don’t give up….

Keep on sharing the love, and love will start to follow you back.

Thank you to all my fellow conspirators who do take the time to share my work, I love you all.

Betty x


Author: thejointatthetopofthegarden

Hi, my name is Betty Boop (names may have been changed to avoid prosecution . I’m a 50 year grandmother of 4 little beauties and I’m a bit nuts.

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