Bipolar Betty

50 year old Betty has just found out she has bipolar.

How can you get to 50 and not know you have this disorder ?

Probably for the same reason you can get to 48 and not know you’ve been autistic all of your life.

Betty lives in her own little world.

It’s nice in Betty’s world and she likes it there.

Well most of the time anyway !!

Betty doesn’t like the depressive stage of bipolar it’s awful ..

But the manic stage can be very productive if not a bit dangerous at times, and she prefers to stay there.

Betty’s brain is a funny thing. It’s very clever and seems to do things without Betty’s knowledge.


Profiler needed apply within

Apparently we have a shit profile .. profile ? We thought that was what you looked like if you turned sideways.

Bettys son, ‘ who used to be fat but is now getting thinner by the day (well done son 3 weeks in and 3 stone down ) has told her it needs sorting .,

Betty is thinking it’s a miracle we’ve even posted a blog never mind fannying on with profiles.

But she does appreciate the help

Cheers Jamie when you get minute 😂

Insomniac Betty’s night on the tiles…

Betty has insomnia. She has had 2 hours sleep and boom Paul McKenna says wide awake.

Ok Paul, now what ?asks Betty.

Now you are going to write a blog says Paul.

Betty as we know is a 50 year old grandmother of 4 and mother of 3.

Betty has two adult children (is there really such a thing) and a 14 yr old who think he’s an adult child .

Betty has autism and so does the child who thinks he’s an adult.

Actually Sam that’s his name has been an adult from birth.

Betty is sure he actually came out talking.

Secrets of Cannabis Revealed — Betty is doing her own trial on the long term effects of cannabis use in people with mental health problems.

Betty is documenting her cannabis use. Dosage, and any side effects incurred whilst using this medication.

Betty may be no good at this blogging malarkey but she’s good at writing things down.

Grandma Betty is nuts !!

Betty has more nuts than a snickers bar.. and most men!!

Betty is sure she is really a man in a woman’s body.

Betty likes to go au naturale you could plait the hairs on her legs. And her lady garden is more lady forest than garden.

Betty doesn’t like shopping or shoes or doing things most grandmas like to do

Betty likes power tools and saws and drills (you get the picture )

Betty has had lots of accidents and has lots of pictures to share of said accidents.

Me and my big mouth..

Betty has numerous mental health problems on top of the autism she has.

Having autism makes big mouth Betty overshare .. she overshares to the neighbours the man down the lane .. even the poor ASDA delivery driver.

Anyway big mouth Betty might have just told her kids she’s writing a blog

Luckily Betty’s kids are never really surprised by what she does anymore.

Believe it or not !!

Betty’s story is about a lady who has had a crisis due to the state of our benefit system.

Our country is in a mess and only she can save the day. That’s after she’s saved herself of course .

Betty needs saving. Actually Betty is currently awaiting the men in white coats coming for her.. swooping down from the sky with their huge syringes.

Actually betty is really just waiting for the appointment letter if we’re honest .