Breaking News ‘Blogging Betty Found Safe and Well

Blogging Betty has been found safe and well,  in amongst the tangled life of Betty’s bunch.

She seems to be suffering from amnesia, and has no idea of her wherabouts for the entire month that she has been missing.

‘It’s all a blur,’ says blogging Betty, who looks well enough sitting in the joint at the top of the garden. 

“One minute I was blogging away, making friends and building up my blog following, when bam I woke up, and weeks have passed. 

Nothing has been done, remains dormant. I love that the house seems much tidier and festive now,than before I left.

And there’s lots of home made food lying around. 

Everybody looks happy..

I only wish that someone had remembered to press publish on my blogs. It’s not much to ask for” she added.

A spokesperson for Betty’s Bunch said ‘we’re just pleased that Blogging Betty is home. She’s a bit grumpy about the fact we forgot about her blogs, but other than that she seems fine”. 

“It looks like the clean house won’t last now that Blogging Betty is back, she hates cleaning with a passion. She feels that she has much more important things to do in life than clean” said one member of the Bunch, who didn’t wish to be named for fear of repercussion. 

“Blogging Betty’s idea of cleaning is to leave the vacuum plugged in indefinitely, so that if anybody visits she can say ‘oh you’ve just caught me about to vacuum’ (It’s the thought that counts.) Or she’ll hope that the fairies will do it at some point or another. 

Blogging Betty is so passionate about writing, that nothing else gets done around the house, explain Betty’s Bunch.

We help out as much as we can, but  she doesn’t accept help very easily, we’re working on it. 

Blogging Betty is said to be resuming duties with immediate effect, and is now again the leader of the pack. 

we made a welcome home painting …

Blogging Betty would like to thank everybody for their patience whilst she has been missing in action. She thanks the Bunch for holding the fort whilst she was gone, and for baking enough food to feed an army.

She remains optimistic that her memory will return, and her blogging journey will continue on as before. “There’s a lot of work to catch up on, but i’m sure things will only get better”. ‘Don’t ever give up on finding yourself again, it’s always worth it.”

She and the Bunch would like some time to come to terms with the fact that their Triberr is broken. Time to rebuild the foundations that went into creating Triberr from scratch. Betty is sure that the knowledge is in her somewhere, it just may take some time to find it.


The Sixth Sense Learning Something New Every Day

I snapped this picture last night from the Joint at the top of the garden. 

I see a man on the moon. How about you ? 

I see faces in everything, I have something called Pareidolia.

It’s quite common apparently, so if anybody else has it, speak up, and tell me what you see. 

Today I decided to write my blog about the sixth sense. 

A blog that I read earlier had said to use your own images in your blogs, or you could well be sued. Just because you find an image on the internet, this does not mean that it is yours to do whatever you want with, and as my money is already spoken for, from today onwards I will only use images that I possess in my camera roll.

I’m very new to the whole internet ‘Thing’.

At the tender age of 50, I have thrown myself in at the deep end, and luckily I’m a kick ass swimmer. 

My sixth sense lead me on this blogging path, because I have important messages to share. 

taken yesterday morning whilst walking the dogs, I see a blue sphere in the mist over the valley.

Today whilst meditating I received a message from somebody called Barbara who was murdered. She shared the name Rita, but that was really all I could work out from this message. Short and sweet. 

short and sweet …all 5 ft of me.

I began wondering who this message could be for.

Then I realised that it could be one of my followers, or Facebook friends, but how would i find out? 

Well, by asking them I was told.

So I decided to put it to the test and see if any of my virtual friends would understand this message.

Living with a sixth sense can be so rewarding, it can also be quite overwhelming. 

I have found that if I don’t pass a message on, it hangs around me for days until I do. 

Passing on messages can be very difficult. Some people aren’t ready to hear the message, or are sceptic that there was even a message there in the first place. 

Maggie wondering why she isn’t in the joint too..

Learning something new every day has become a part of my spiritual and physical journey. I love learning, and there’s a whole other world out there that we know so little about.

Only when every eye is opened, will the truth be revealed. 

If my message resonates with anybody, please feel free to contact me. Maybe there is more to this message than meets the eye.

take care and love each other… Betty x

What Google Doesn’t Tell You About Books, Dandelions, Prophecy and Controversy

A few months ago, quite by chance I connected with a lady called Joan Hughes. As soon as I connected with Joan, I felt as though I knew her. 

I live in the UK, and Joan is from New York. Joan told how she had recently published her first ever novel, and it was then that I had a vision that her book would become a best seller.

I told Joan this before purchasing her book, and then requested a signed copy if she wouldn’t mind. 

I have never asked for a signed copy of any book, and being a book lover I have read many. 

After explaining that I was psychic, and that our energies had connected to bring her a message or a sign that she was on the right path. she took it all in her stride.

Joan had to purchase her own book from Amazon, then she had to pay extortionate postage fees to ship the book to the UK. 

All of this at a virtual strangers request. 

I received my book Growing Only Dandelions, with a beautiful inscription from Joan, and I was not disappointed, my opinion remained the same, it would become a bestseller. 

I have watched over the months as Joan promotes her book, she has been very proactive in getting her voice heard above the noise in many places and especially on Facebook. 

A few weeks ago I noticed a post from Joan saying that she had been banned from sharing, or even participating in an Facebook book club group, because of her controversial novel. 

I couldn’t understand why it was deemed to be controversial, and Joan told me that the explanation from the admin of the group, was that because the word ‘God’ was used too many times in her story, and religion can be controversial. 

Correct me if I’m wrong but when was the word God deemed controversial ? I felt very strongly that Joan’s book was being hidden from view by certain influential online groups.

Joan’s book has a wonderful story, it touched my heart, and is touching the heart and spirit of most who read it. 

Today Joan and I received another sign or Message that things are still on track. 

I posted a cheque off to Joan a few weeks ago, to reimburse her any costs involved for my the purchase of my signed copy. 

Today I had a message from Joan saying that she had received her cheque, she was gobsmacked at the amount, and did I know the significance of the number 3, or how symbolic it was to her book?

I may be psychic, but I’m not that good, I replied that no, I had no idea of the significance of the number 3 for her or her book. 

I had forgotten the amount that the cheque was for, I just converted the $42 that she had paid in the US, with the UK exchange rate, and it came in at £33. 

However for Joan it didn’t end there, as she was relaying the incident to her sons girlfriend, who also aware of the significance of 3, she had her own sign, when her battery was showing at 33 %. 

They say signs always come in three’s, Joan’s third sign was pointed out to her by her husband, it was right behind her written on the wall.

The story in Joan’s own words.

Joan informs me that she had written this number all the way through her book, 3, three,  third, as her way of blessing the book. 

I hadn’t noticed when I read it, but I will be sure to notice it the next time I do.

Signs are all around us, it is whether we choose to notice them or not that makes the difference. I believe that Growing  only Dandelions is meant to be read by all. 

One other sign for me came when I found out that Joan is also the founder of JT’s Law. 

It was set up to honour the memory of her Godson JT who died after a choking tragedy. 

What Joan doesn’t know is that I have a severe phobia of children choking. I can’t even be around children eating without panicking. I developed this phobia after watching my then 6 year old baby brother, almost choking to death on a boiled sweet. I myself was only 8 years old at the time, and the memory still haunts me to this day.

Finding out that Joan is a crusader in  child choking prevention, is also a sign to me that we are connected on a very  spiritual level. 

Bon voyage Joan… until we meet again 💕 love Betty x

The Newbie Guide to Blogging With WordPress And Autism

4 months ago I had never heard of a blog.

Not only that, I had no computer skills whatsoever.

I decided to do some research and my goal was to have my own website and my very own blog.

I have a passion for writing, I found it late in life at the age of 50, but better late than never is my motto.

I had written over 80,000 words, and they just kept coming. 

I needed an outlet for these words and this is how I found the blogging world.

In general, I have found the blogging community to be great. 

Full of helpful friendly people who readily give you advice, from things that they themselves have learned along the way. 

Because of the help and advice given by other bloggers, and my own research, I now have my blog up and running, and I am the proud owner of my very own piece of cyberspace. 

My first step was to purchase a computer. 

Doing research I came across 

It looked professional, and it had great reviews from other bloggers. 

This is where my blogging journey began. 

WordPress has been a life saver for me, as somebody with very few computer skills, and a completely different way of learning.

I have Autism and needed a lot of support from the tech guys at WordPress, their customer service was second to none.

WordPress will guide you every step of the way. I didn’t even know what a cache was until a helpful agent from WordPress told me. They are extremely patient, and take time to listen to your technical issues.

If like me you would love to blog but feel you don’t have the technical skills, this is the perfect site to do it. 

Blogging can earn you money from the comfort of your own home, doing something that you love. That was incentive enough for me to want to learn about this blogging thing. I haven’t started on the monetary side of things yet, as I am still basking in the glory of my achievements on the blogging scene for now, the rest will come later. 

If I can do it, then anybody can… I learn something new every day, and love to share my stories. Stories are meant to be shared love Betty x

How appreciation is part of a vast Rightwing conspiracy

Sitting pondering as I am want to do. My mind goes, as it usually does, and my thoughts turn to how much I appreciate my life. 


Things were so different a few months ago, and I just like most people took my life for granted. We assume we are going to wake in the morning, hope that the bus will turn up, and that we might just get to work on time. But we tend not to think about how lucky we are to just be alive. 

Recently after a near death experience I saw the light at the end of the tunnel and decided to follow it.

It took me, and is still taking me to places I have never been before.

One of these new places is a land called Appreciation. 

It’s a distant world that the opposition have been trying to keep hidden from us for generations.

The land that time forgot …

Appreciation land ….

Every now and again a soul catches a glimpse of this land, and realises the importance of this place that time forgot. They will try to shout above the noise, and try to tell the world about this land that time forgot.

Be thankful for your life… you will never get another one quite like it ….tomorrow is not promised.

love Betty x

Why Betty Boop Thinks Getting your Blog noticed’s, and follow accounts are Phoney….

Betty, that’s me, it isn’t really Boop obviously, but for the sake of my mental wellbeing, I wish to remain incognito for now.

I do however have a face, and this is it.

3 months ago I suffered a severe mental health crisis, and had a near death experience, and my life changed forever.

Instead of taking my own life, cannabis allowed me to see past my failures and helped me to start looking for success. I needed to succeed in life.

At the ripe old age of 50, I decided that I was going to write a best selling book, I wrote the book, and still had more to say, so I then decided to start blogging, this was where I could get all of my thoughts and feelings out on a social platform, and one day my story could maybe become somebody else’s survival guide.

3 months ago i owned a mobile phone, a cheap iPhone 5SE and that was only used to play games on. This was the extent of my tech knowledge. I knew nothing at all about the internet. Only that you could find anything you wanted on there.

To cut a long story short, as I do like to go on a bit, I obtained a computer and I taught myself how to create a website, how to open a Triberr account, and how to use it… a Twitter account, Instagram, Pinterest, Quora & Tumblr.

I still cant quite get my head around linkedIn yet, but given time I will.

I am very active on most of these accounts, and I share religiously .

I actually get more enjoyment from sharing other people’s work than I do from sharing my own.

My blogging mission is to raise awareness for mental health disorders, Autism, the benefits of Cannabis, and a variety of world wide subjects that aren’t highlighted enough in society today.

The world as we know it will soon be gone, a new world will take its place and we need to start preparing for it now. The world is full of anger and hate. It is full of poverty, greed, despair, homelessness, and most of it man made.

Our new generation need to learn how to love again and to be kind to each other.

Being kind seems to be a forgotten skill in many people today.

So I decided to be as kind as humanly possible, and to start sharing everybody’s work. It doesn’t matter whether this work is applicable to me or not, but it may be helpful to others. The things I share may be of no value to myself, but somebody has taken the time to write these blogs or books or pictures, or whatever else I share, and I want to give them a helping hand to share their message that they have worked hard on.

It isn’t hard, all it is is one click.

One click that could change someone else’s life.

I have 18 followers on my blog, which is pretty cool, 18 people who want to read my blog, which to me is pretty amazing.

I have been putting in a lot of work into finding out how to get more people interested in my blog. I have been commenting on other peoples work, sharing it, and being kind.

I have been ignored mainly. I understand that people are busy, but so am I, and I still manage to reply to messages, comments and I always thank people for sharing my work.

I’m not selling anything only sharing stories which may one day save a persons life, or even just make them smile for a moment. 

Healing the world one soul at a time. I tend to become quite impatient, and want to spread the word faster and quicker, so my thoughts go to how to attract more people to my blog. 

There is so much wonderful and helpful information out there for new bloggers. I have been listening to advice, buying ebooks, and learning the ropes from the pro’s. I have so much more to learn. In the meantime in my hurry to attract new followers I decided to try jumping on the blog train and the follow train. 

So I follow all instructions, all I had to do was like and follow everybody else on the train, and they would follow me back, then all I had to do was retweet the post to gain even more. It sounded so simple, and that is because it is. This persons twitter account promised to triple your following overnight. 

Great I thought, a way for me to help even more people.

I liked every one of the hundreds of fellow tweeters, bloggers, and writers, who also liked it.

I came across some very interesting characters whom I now class as my new twitter friends, so I am happy with that. 

So I sit waiting patiently for my new twitter friends to follow me back like they said they would, and 4 people followed me back, thank you to those 4 people who stuck to the bargain as I did. 

Beginning to feel like the invisible man, I jumped on the blog train, shared my blog, followed other bloggers … etc etc… nothing … zilch..nada….

One lady, who’s name I shall not mention, recently shared a post on how you should always thank others for sharing your posts, it is only common decency to do so, and I totally agree with her. Only this woman is a hypocrite. I have shared numerous things of hers, commented on her posts and she has never once acknowledged me.

Practice what you preach…

Actions speak louder than words..

The only way to actually get your Blog noticed is to do it yourself, don’t rely on these phoney people or accounts to do the work for you.

Perseverance is key…

Don’t give up….

Keep on sharing the love, and love will start to follow you back.

Thank you to all my fellow conspirators who do take the time to share my work, I love you all.

Betty x


I remember reading this at school…

Once upon a time there lived an old woman called Betty.

50 year old Betty…

Betty had lived with severe mental health problems all her life. She was used to it.

40 year old Betty…
2 year old Betty showing us how big our teeth really are…
40 year old Betty and 2 year old Betty bake cakes…
21 year Old Betty…
baby Betty…
13 year old Betty…

stoner Betty…

The title may have to be updated at some point as I am only aware of 6 at the moment but I know there are more.

This lady encountered a life changing, near death experience and her world changed forever.

she even wrote a book about it, 80,000 words long, but as she has different personalities who also live inside her, she cant get it published because her alters wont let her.

So what is a girl to do ?

well she starts writing her second book that’s what…

THE FACEFINDER … a thriller…

I cant wait to start.

Betty x


Britain’s got Talent 2019

last night the importance of mental health was outed, on National television, Prime Time viewing , by a popular television show Britain’s Got Talent.

Myself and my son love the show, particularly the presenters, as they come from the same part of the UK as we do, and we are proud Geordies.

As a region we are a very supportive lot, Ant and Dec have never forgotten their roots, and recently Ant himself has been in the clutches of poor mental health, and has had bad publicity about the whole openness of his illness.

Unless you have ever suffered from mental illness, you will never quite understand the impact that it has on a sufferers life. you may be able to sympathise, and to understand, but you will never quite understand the devastation that mental health issues can cause to a person’s sense of worth, their confidence, self esteem and their minds.

Mental health problems can make you convinced that you are going crazy, which in turn causes more anxiety in the individual.

Then they have the added stigma of depression or anxiety, it is not easy to go for help if you are feeling this way. your GP will offer you medication, and more recently talking therapies have emerged.

But medication does not always help, what then ?

Visions of men in white coats, and straight jackets come to mind, and you can imagine yourself in that padded cell.

This is how I have been all of my life. Frightened to divulge the mental health problems that I have because of the shame I felt. I don’t even know why I felt this shame, probably because society has just expected me to fit in, and never gave a thought about mental health problems, in turn making me feel like it was my fault and I just had to deal with life, everybody else seemed to cope ok, why couldn’t I ?

Over the last 50 years I have seen very little progress in addressing mental health and have watched as a significant epidemic of mental health problems have taken hold of the country.

Depression and other mental health problems need addressing, immediately. We have lived too long in a society that buries its head in the sands of mental health.

Mental health is no different to physical health. Just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

I myself have some of the worst mental health problems you can have, but I am not afraid to talk about it now, I have realised that it is society who should be afraid of ‘not’ talking about it.

In the last 15 years there has been a staggering 48% rise in Anxiety and Depression, amongst British children.

This means that nearly half of the population of our future generation will suffer from these conditions if left untreated.

Imagine the drain on resources that this would be ? how would society cope with half of the population out of work because they have mental health conditions ?

It has already begun, the beginning of the end..

There are thousands of children who are too anxious to even attend school.

Thousands of parents trying to help their children alone, in a society that pushes children to conform, and punishing them when they cant, and then also punishing their parents, when they aren’t able to ‘make’ the children conform.

Ant and Dec and all involved in the mental health awareness campaign did a fantastic job in getting the message out last night.

It is good to talk, but we need to talk more about the importance of mental health before our country disintegrates before our eyes into a dark cloud of depression…

You think Brexit is a problem ?

Brexit is the least of Great Britain’s problems …

Support Mental Wellness…. you may need it one day

love Betty x


Dear Boris, I hope you don’t mind me calling you that, but Mr Johnson sounds too formal.

As I know what you look like, I felt I should reciprocate so that you also know who you are talking to.

Betty this morning…

Now we have the formalities out of the way, I would like to introduce myself

My name is Betty, well it isn’t really I just haven’t got around to changing it formally, but I am a 50 year old Geordie lady, from Newcastle that’s way up North, you’ve probably heard of Scotland, well I am about as near to it as you can get without actually living in Scotland.

It’s also where Ant and Dec are from.

I’m not sure if you’ve ever watched I’m A celebrity Get Me Out Of Here or not. they are presenters of the show ….and do a very good job … I feel you may need to watch the 2019 series as something tells me we may be seeing you in the jungle 2020… after all a fellow usually follows in his fathers footsteps….

I live with severe mental health problems, and rely on the state to support me, via the welfare system.

For the last 3 months, weather permitting, I have been sitting at the top of my garden, trying to recover from wanting to die.

3 months ago I wanted to end my life. 

3 months ago, the Department for Work and Pensions, which I’m sure you will have heard of, I have uploaded a picture, just to jog your memory.

YOUR Department for Works & pensions decided that I needed reassessing again to prove that my mental illness is real, and that it hasn’t just vanished overnight into thin air, and that I am not all better now.

They decided that I would need yet another face to face assessment.

I have given the DWP lots of proof over the last 2 years, but for some reason they keep wanting more, and although I have repeatedly told the DWP and all involved that I would not be able to cope with a face to face assessment, they were still coming to my home, whether I liked it or not. 

Even after my own GP wrote a supporting letter to say that it would be detrimental to my mental health, were I forced to have a face to face assessment. they sent somebody anyway.

I have Autism, I do not like eye contact, it makes me feel threatened, I can make eye contact, because I have taught myself over the years, but too much eye contact overwhelms me.

This lady rocked up to my door uninvited, she was half an hour early for the appointment, so I was already on the wrong foot.

I am a law abiding citizen (well until I found out that Cannabis actually worked in managing my mental health problems) but that is another story.

I try to always do as society says..and play by societies rules, this is what we are all taught from a very young age. which I am sure you will agree with me, seeing as you seem to be the head of this so called society.

The heads of this society are so far up their own backsides to realise that they are expecting us, mere mortals of society to follow rules that they themselves are exempt from ?

In allowing this Brexit fiasco to get to this point, you have let our country down.

You have let me down. I am not blaming you personally Boris, I blame Maggie Thatcher, but that is another story altogether.

back to the reason for my contacting you today.

Literally… losing my mind.

Because of YOUR governments Department For Works and Pensions rules, my life was put at risk, just so that they could tick boxes.

what kind of society are we living in when the most vulnerable of us have our lives put at risk for the sake of a tick in a box ?

Mental health is real, Autism is real, Abuse is real, Dissociative Disorders are real. invisible illnesses are still there, just because you cannot see it. and because it doesn’t tick your boxes, people with severe mental health problems are left extremely vulnerable, and at risk.

Not everybody wants to claim benefits, some of us have little or no choice.

I have been a very valuable member of society for 50 years. I have paid Taxes, raised children, grandchildren, worked in care, and I am still looking after my 14 year old son who is also Autistic, as a single parent.

This representative from ATOS came early, and when I informed her of the problems I have with face to face assessments, and after confirming that I would be able to be located in a different room to the assessor. This assessor refused point blank to do the assessment.

although I had written a 15 page report explaining how my disability affects me, she read the words, and still said that she couldn’t do the assessment until she could see my face ?

she had already seen my face when I opened the door, what could my face possibly say that would be more explanatory than a 15 page letter ? or the words that I was saying through an open door ?

This lady expected me to be able to perform for her, when I was completely unable to do so.

It is no different than asking an amputee to walk, then because they can’t, say oh well you failed to do the assessment, we are withholding your benefits until you can walk again.

I was born with Autism, this is not my fault. I was given Anxiety, Depression and Dissociative Identity Disorder by cruel members of a society that does not accept me. And from abusers who abused me from a very young age.

Not everybody has the luxury of a happy childhood, the luxury of being born a certain way, the luxury of not suffering abuse, the luxury of being financially independent.

You probably have no idea about what child abuse actually does to the mind of a person, or what extreme poverty can look like, you probably had a very happy childhood and Im glad about that. Every child deserves this.

I never want anybody to suffer in the way that I have suffered my entire life. not even for a day.

After my close call with the grim reaper, thanks to a crisis team who arrived 8 week later due to government cuts, and the Samaritans who kept me going until then, and with the help of Cannabis, meditation and a huge will to help other people who cant verbalise for themselves I have finally found peace..

Some things are just not fixable, you just learn to live with them.

after a long and hard 3 months I finally found the peace I had always craved.

The DWP obviously got wind of this and have decided that I need another face to face assessment in 2 weeks.

I am only just starting to recover from my crisis brought on by the DWP, but it seems they want to kill me off again.

Is there a government conspiracy to get rid of people with mental health problems ?

Instead of worrying about Brexit Boris, why don’t you leave a legacy to our society by changing some of our countries policies, just because you were handed the poisoned chalice, does not necessarily mean that this has to define you as Prime Minister. Leave the EU immediatley and start focusing on our country again.

Society is in a mess. We have become a society full of mental health problems. Our children are suffering, we are suffering, most of this is caused by hate and greed which seems to have taken hold of the population.but some of it is caused by using outdated social policies in education, welfare, and many more things. you have the power to change this Boris.

look at how we treat the most vulnerable of society, the homeless, the people who don’t have a voice.

Charity begins at home. Before you can run, you must first learn to walk. Our government has lost sight of humanity.

We are all people, each and every one of us deserves to be happy.

I have found my happiness in cannabis. legalise cannabis, put more effort into research, then the most vulnerable can access the medication that keeps them alive.

why is the government not jumping for joy that a natural medicine that actually works is out there ?

Is it because cannabis can cause mental health problems ? it possibly could for some people. My mental health problems were there for 50 years before I even touched a cannabis leaf.

I have no legal access to a drug that works and prolongs my life. why is this ?

so to be clear on the points I have raised

1.. change the DWP forms and assessment processes for mental health disability, abolish face to face assessments for those terminally ill with mental health disorders. These conditions will always be there, and these assessments can actually be a threat to life.

2. legalise Cannabis, start more research, we have a wonder drug here that our government seems to want kept under wraps. Why ?

3. Open new schools specifically for Autistic children. this is our future generation we are talking about. do not allow a new generation to become so disabled by their mental health that they cant contribute to society.

4 start listening to what society wants as a whole. we all really want the same thing, and that is to just be happy. It isn’t a lot to ask for.

yours sincerely Betty.

A very concerned British Citizen…


I thought all parents knew this ?

Is it not a given that this is what parents should be like ?

Because I love my children much more than I will ever love myself, I assumed that this is what most parents feel. 

It is no wonder that I have lived such a difficult life. Very recently I realised that my parents are not the loving kind people that they have led me to believe they are, and who I have been desperately wanting to believe are just that, for nearly all of my life. 

I am a child of not one, but two narcissistic parents. My parents are actually detrimental to my mental health. Because I keep expecting them to help when my mental health and my life is in jeopardy, and because they never are, I find I am only let down, time and time and again. 

My younger sibling took his own life 20 years ago.

after the outpouring of grief and guilt that they said they felt after his suicide, when faced with their 50 year old daughter who has never asked them for help before, finally asks …and..

They are nowhere to be seen..

3 months ago my mental health took a turn for the worse. I was so low that I almost took my own life. I told my parents that I was suicidal, and I haven’t clapped eyes on either of them since. 

Three whole months and they don’t live far. 

Who is are the people that you should always be able to turn to in times of need ? to rely on, to love you unconditionally …


luckily I have a wonderful relationship with my own children, I became a Good Mother, despite my parents input….

My parental guide book only contained the words, do not under any circumstances turn out like your mother… after that it was easy… love doesn’t have to be hard.

since my crisis my children have been amazing, they know I love them unconditionally, they turn to me when they run into any kind of trouble. and this is how it should always be, we all get mad and shout, but even that, if coming from a loving and caring place, will never be enough for your children to hate you. Being a loving and kind parent doesn’t always mean your child getting their own way all of the time.

It is a case of firm but fair love. The kind of loving and caring that comes from knowing that as a parent, you are raising the next generation, and they need the skills that we teach as parents, to be able to join in and explore the world for themselves one day, as fully rounded healthy human beings.

Do not let the mistakes you make as a parent be paid for by your own children, for the rest of their lives…

Children with narcissistic parents do not fair well. It leaves them unable to know what love is? They will often confuse sex with love, and the teenage years can be really tough.

This leads to even more problems and on it goes. 

I have had severe problems with relationships over the years, because of the lack of loving and kind parents, I am unable to form loving lasting relationships, I was never taught how.

Make sure your children always know what love is. It has taken me so long to finally break free from my parents, and the thought of my children ever thinking like that about me would break my heart. 

I want my children to tell me if they are ever suicidal, and then I would do everything in my power to help them. 

I have never been allowed to broach my mental health issues with my parents, they don’t really want to know, because then they may have to take some responsibility, and neither of them are capable of that.

But suicide is real, the amount of teenagers taking their own lives is appalling, and numbers are rising rapidly, 

Our children are trying to tell us something, we just need to be able to hear what they are saying.

Always take time to actually listen to your children, children can be very insightful, never assume that what they have to say is unimportant. One day it could be ‘that’ day when you wished you had listened. 

Don’t be a selfish parent …

Lets bring up a new generation of loving and kind human beings, we owe it to the world. 

Good luck with your full time, unpaid, exhausting, joyful, exasperating and never ending wonderful job that is child rearing. You never know, you may be raising the next prime minister. 

Love Betty x