The Oddest Place You will Find Natural Born Healers.

me with my two youngest grandbabies…

The oddest place you will find natural born healers is on social media of course… or at the top of the garden playing with their grandchildren, or meditating.

I am a natural born healer, I have known this for centuries, recognised it for most of my life, and finally accepted it as my destiny quite recently.

Natural born healers often find out quite by chance as I did, after a near death experience.

There have been so many signs over the years, signs that I have chosen to ignore, I felt that I was different enough from society without having to deal with psychic abilities too.

I was born dead, I have Autism, as well as many other mental health disorders. I thought that was different enough for one lifetime. 

I believe in reincarnation. I know that I was once an Indian Shaman in a previous life, and this is where my inherent healing abilities originate. 

I was told a few years ago by a psychic medium myself, that this was going to happen, but as usual chose to ignore his predictions, as they scared me.

It could have been the fact that this man could not stop touching me, he was really embarrassed about it too. 

I asked him “do you normally touch people when you are doing readings ?’ and he replied “no never”. The poor man couldn’t stop apologising, but he obviously knew more than I did, and was getting his healing fix. 

Everybody is born with the ability to heal, but it isn’t practiced enough now in this new world, where there is a pill for every ill . 

Years ago, way before doctors and pills were even a twinkle in the sky, every village had their healer. 

Whether it was the Witch who sold potions, or the shaman shaking a chicken around, each and every village or tribe, had a healer. 

Where did they all go ? 

Well they didn’t actually go anywhere, we are still here, in the shape of alternative healing practitioners, from Reiki to acupuncture. Unfortunately most people tend to use these as a last resort, once all prescription medicines have failed. 

Because people cannot see psychic healing taking place, they haven’t swallowed a pill, or been injected with anything, they don’t believe it could be possible.

Therein lies the problem.

People now believe that there is a magic pill for everything.


The power of our brains and bodies, are far wider that the general population believe is true.

All it takes is a Belief in something bigger than yourself, to heal.

You can heal yourself, you just have to believe.

Love Betty x 

The Insiders Guide to 10 Million Reach on Triberr.

Today I realised that I could reach 10 million people with the content that I share daily. 

That is a lot of people. How did that happen ? 

I have two tribe mates at the last count, this is probably because I’m not sure how to invite people to my tribe, or it’s that nobody wants to join.

That’s fine actually because two’s company and three’s a crowd.

Triberr is a social platform, where  tribes of like minded individuals come together to share content.

  • As long as you have decent content to share, then this social media platform is for you. 

I am very new to the blogging world, I started 3 months ago, after not even knowing what the word Blogging meant. 

Here I am now, I have a few followers, but I can still get my message out to 10 million people with one click. 

Out of all the social media platforms, of which I have access to, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Quora and Pinterest. I have found Triberr to be the most effective way to reach the most people, and to reach them quickly. 

Triberr is an amazing platform, very helpful customer services for the rookies, which to me, having Autism is a very important aspect of any business. 

If you want to get your message or product out to as many people as possible, then this platform is for you. 

The proof is in the pudding. 

From zero to 10 million in a few weeks. 

If you can commit to sharing other peoples posts as well as your own , it is a recipe for success. 

I wonder how many publisher are in that 10 million ?  I have a great story for you . 

Love Betty x